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Gutter Maintenance in Houston, TX

Learn more about our gutter company and our services through the frequently asked questions about our gutter maintenance in Houston, TX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you need gutters at your home, business, or apartment?
A: Gutters protect the foundation of your house or building from rainwater. If rainwater seeps inside the foundation, it can make your house collapse down. Many insurance companies do not cover this type of damage. Therefore, investing in gutters today will keep rainwater far from the foundation, saving you money.

Q: What gutter services does ZZ Gutter Company offer?
A: ZZ Gutter Company provides gutter cleaning, maintenance, installation, and repair services. We also customize seamless gutters and provide water containers to help you eliminate additional costs on your water bill. They are great for usage on your plants.

Q: What type of gutters does ZZ Gutter Company install?
A: ZZ Gutter Company installs seamless gutters, half-round topper gutters, 5" and 6" seamless gutters, box gutters, and quarter-round gutters from brands, such as Copper™, which are the best gutters in the Houston area, as they last the longest.

Q: How does ZZ Gutter Company install gutters?
A: The well-experienced professionals at ZZ Gutter Company pull up the drippage very carefully. Then, the gutters are drilled with special hangers under the fascia board. Finally using a level, we make sure that the level is accurate, so the rainwater drains the right way in each downspout. Once every job is complete, we will wait for it to rain and then contact you to make sure that the gutters are working well and are satisfied with the job.

Q: How does ZZ Gutter Company install the screens in gutters?
A: As gutter and downspout experts, ZZ Gutter Company installs screens inside gutters by screwing the screen very well so it will not fly away.

Q: How does ZZ Gutter Company repair gutters?
A: To make sure that the level is working efficiently, ZZ Gutter Company re-secures gutters with new hangers. We also check every joint to ensure that they are sealed correctly.

Q: Gutters are clogged all year long. How many times do gutters have to be cleaned?
A: Gutters should be cleaned many times throughout the year. In March, gutters should be thoroughly cleaned due to branches and leaves falling because of storms. Next, in the spring, as trees start to reproduce, causing clogs in the gutters again.

In August, there are usually many thunderstorms, which make air and wind blow the leaves everywhere, having them end up in your gutters. Before Labor Day, you need to get them cleaned. Finally, in the fall, leaves begin to change and fall. Therefore, you should clean your gutters in the early, middle, and late fall just before the winter freezes.

Q: How does ZZ Gutter Company clean gutters?
ZZ Gutter Company hand cleans all gutters. Once all cleaning jobs are complete, we pack up all the trash in trash bags and blow the roof. Then, we expect the gutters from top to bottom to ensure they are properly cleaned and are not clogged.

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